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About Us

We are a car detailing company that goes beyond the usual to deliver auto detail services that are unmatched in the area. Since our establishment we have offered car detailing services to a large number of car owners that want to regain or even maintain their showroom look. Our experience over the years has given us an opportunity to set up systems that ensure that the auto detail delivered is of high quality and professional. The growth of our car detailing customer base is due to referrals that are based on our passion for cars and the delivery of great service, even if it is just pet hair removal from the car.

The technicians that make up the car detailing team at the company are trained by the best and deliver services in an unprecedented manner in comparison to others offering similar auto detail services. The team is passionate about cars, sometimes much more than the owners themselves which propel them to offer good car detailing services that are reflected in the final outcome. Most of the technicians on our team spend time researching on the most recent trends in auto detailing in a bid to always improve and offer the best to the client.

We use the latest technology in car detailing to be able to deliver above and beyond the expectations of our clients. The latest products in auto detail are what we offer our clients so that the outcome is satisfactory to the client and even the technician in charge. The products that we use allow us to succeed in pet hair removal, crumb removal, cleaning of spills, elimination of dust and grime among others. Since no two cars are similar in build or even maintenance, we offer customized services to ensure that the auto detail is up to standard. These customized car detailing services are selected by clients depending on the problem areas that they want to be addressed in their vehicle.

To make our auto detail services convenient to our customers we offer mobile service which allows us to bring our car detailing services to your door step, whether at home or at work. We are able to access most of the locations in the area where we offer car detailing services at the convenience of the car owner. Furthermore, we are also able to cater to clients who are interested in an auto detail at short notice as long as it is within working hours.

As part of our responsibility to our car detailing clients we offer information on various aspects of the auto detail service so that car owners have a general idea of what their car goes through when being detailed. The information provided enables the client to increasingly participate in the maintenance of their car. For more information on our car detailing services, maintenance, and other aspects of auto detail, kindly contact us by selecting the city you want service from and call us today!